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Create a memorable birthday gift for your loved ones and friends. Your choice of paper, wax seals and more. 


Create memories of your amazing event. Completely unforgettable and easy to understand.

Corporate Events

Forget boring client parties - time to spice it up with a typewriter poetry


Provide unique and engaging entertainment on a large-scale.

HIre A Poet For Your Event


Delight your customers

Spontaneous poetry, composed on the spot and personalised to your needs, is perfect your next intriguing event. 

What our customers say

I love my poem so much it's my new Facebook cover photo! Rachel really hit the nail on the head with the poem despite being given limited information. Her poetry really hits the chords of your soul.

Debby Ng

The poem that Rachel wrote for me and my friends was so true about our friendship and how we all met! Her talent for poetry is amazing. I do recommend Rachel to write you a poem on any topic you like.

Aleisha Shih

Many thanks for the poems. I really like it. What a beautiful talent you have.

Lydia Martel

I just wanted to thank you so much for my poem tonight. To be given a word or two and then to transform it into a poem thay touches the requestor's soul is amazing. You are beyond talented, it's unbelievable.


The Easter Sunday poem you wrote for me was very well received. I explained firstly how I met with you and our conversation and then had my wife, Rita, read the poem. I observed the faces of the congregation and they were very focussed. As Rita concluded, there was an audible "wow" from the people. You are really gifted and I thank you for your poem which enhanced our service last Sunday.

Pastor John Keane, West Hoxton Community Church, Liverpool, Sydney

My mother loves the card both painting and poem and I reread it to her each time I visit. So affirming of her life work.

Maree Ellis, SeeChange Festival Volunteer

Wedding testimonial

Name: Geir and Jess O'Rourke 

Location: Sydney, Australia


We wanted something for our guests to enjoy and remember that wasn't the usual photo-booth. When you're planning a wedding we wanted it to reflect our personalities without feeling over the top of silly. Having Rachel there with her typewriter poetry was the perfect fit. It allowed for some romance and creativity in the day that felt different to other weddings we'd been to. 

Our guests loved being able to see themselves reflected in Rachel's words. There's something so special about sharing your story with a stranger. Having them interpret it in a way that feels true and special. A lot of the poems friends and family shared with us after were about love - romantic love, sisterly love, love of their dogs! The wedding was meant to be a celebration of love and community and Rachel's poetry really enhanced that. 

Our guests loved taking the poems home with them. One has even had theirs framed. People of all ages and sensibilities enjoyed sharing their stories with Rachel. A few were in tears reading their own stories in her beautiful words. People are still talking about it and sharing their poems with us weeks later.

If you want to add some magic and creativity to your wedding day I can't recommend typepolar enough. It's a way to celebrate love in all its forms, give something special to your guests, and unearth unique stories from within your closest communities that you won't have heard before. 


My mission is simple: to connect people through the gift of wordcraft. The best way to describe my current job is to call it a hybrid of The Book Thief's proverbial "Word Shaker" and a poetic version of Humans of New York.




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