Case Study: Geir & Jess's Wedding

By Debby Ng | Blog, GeirJessWedding | 20 Oct 2019 |

1. What was your brief for the wedding?

A year ago, Geir and Jess invited me to their wedding. At the time, I had just started typepolar as a side hustle but I told them if they ever needed help typing poems for their wedding, I’d be happy to do that. I got back in touch about 2-3 months before the wedding and asked if they were still interested. They said I could come in and do the reception, and perform for two hours after the ceremony while the guests were waiting for dinner. In addition to people having a drink and talking at the grazing table, the idea was just to provide a really nice entertainment option for people. It's something that's just novel and fun.

Geir & Jess Wedding CeremonyBUTTON

2. What was your set-up at the venue?

I was put in a room at the back of the hall. This was at the Tuncurry Memorial Hall which is near Forster, a popular holiday town in New South Wales. It was a nice location, with all of the guests mingling in the middle. At the back was a little bar, and there were tables and chairs set up already. I just put my typewriter there. It was really handy because it was away from the noise from the masses of people and the DJ that night. When people wanted my poetry, there was a way for them to line them up to get their poems without blocking the hallway. So that was really, really good. It got a little noisy because of the DJ there, but sort of as a joke I typed to the rhythm of the of the DJ playing the music and the beat. I felt included and I had fun.

Ch 7 Journo with Poem at Geir & Jess Wedding

3. What were your favourite poems written on the day?

There was a lady who has an obsession with pickles. So I wrote a poem about her love for them and I think one of my favourite lines was, "If I was ever marooned on a deserted island, I would have pickles". She came up to me and was like, "Oh my god, I loved it, I'm going to frame it and everything."

And so her husband (Mike Williams from the ABC's Life Matters) said that his wife loved pickles because she actually can't eat wet onions. She's really sad about it. So he asked for a companion piece about her pain with onions. So I thought, maybe I could write a bit of a joke where she was marooned on an island full of onions, and the only way she was going to be able to eat them and survive was to pick at them in the sunlight so they became dry. I wrote a poem based around that whole concept and he loved it as well and it got to be part of the whole tapestry.

Passion for Pickles Poem

4. What was the response from wedding guests to the poems?

A couple of Channel Seven journalists were at the wedding, and when they got their poems - their faces were like (gasps). Then there was one serious poem about a grandparent who passed away. They told me that during the funeral there was a feather that drifted down, so they wanted me to incorporate that in the poem. It turned out to be one of the groom’s close relatives. His mother came up to me after the wedding and said the poem was beautiful. And the bride and groom, towards the end of the night, said I made the evening really special, and that they didn't know how to repay me. A special part about it was that they actually helped me during very tough times earlier this year. So I felt like this was my way to repay their kindness.

Helen and Neville Poem

5. Why should someone consider hiring a typewriter poet for their wedding?

A typewriter poet just adds a different kind of entertainment that people don't usually expect. It's a bit like a caricature artist, but in words. I really recommend anyone to consider hiring someone like me to bring some joy to the wedding day and some memories

 that you are likely to not throw away. I think it's a special experience, it's entertainment that gives back. I think the chats I have with guests really accelerates it. I always have different images and pictures from what customers tell me, and then I can just manipulate it into something that's memorable because people like to talk about particular people in their lives. Poetry is about transforming mundane language into something that's fresh and memorable and evokes emotion. That's really important. I just want to create some great memories and move people.

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